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Isnin, 4 Ogos 2014

Alpha Lipid Bee Venom

Botox in a bottle :- Bee Venom Intensive anti-aging moisturising cream.

Mencantikkan kulit, melembab, antipenuaan, semua kebaikkan dalam 1 prdk ini..

Alpha Lipid Bee Venom

Intensive anti-aging moisturising cream.
* Luxurious New Zealand Pure Bee Venom energises and refines skin texture. Makes the skin firmer dan softer for a smooth, youthful and radiant appearance. Plus Alpha Lipid Colustrum, provides TGF ( Transforming Growth Factor ) A and B promoting cell proliferation, tissue repair and maintenance (wound healing) EGF ( Epidermal Growth Factor) to renew and repair skin cells.
* The patented Alpha Lipid Micro-Nutrient Delivery System accelerates penetration of the precious Bee Venom molecules and nutrients into the skin cells.
* Active are delivered deeper into the living layers of the skin and are able to work more efficently, making significiant changes in appearance and quality.

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